Introduction to CFD Assignment 3 — Grid Generation  
When answering questions in this assignment, please use the attached assign4.tgz package to make sure that your grid is generated correctly. For each problem proceed as follows:
1.  Outline clearly the strategy used.
2.  When building the mesh, make sure that the grid spacing does not vary abruptly at any location.
3.  Once the grid looks fine when viewed in paraview, then print out the part of the control.wrp that is related to grid generation.
4.  Print out the grid (use the export command in paraview).
Question #1
Create a mesh for a bump in a channel as follows:
question1.png  ./download/file.php?id=3372&sid=b5ecff157b1bd8bb1848f0655d6f3a98  ./download/file.php?id=3372&t=1&sid=b5ecff157b1bd8bb1848f0655d6f3a98
The mesh should have 70 grid lines along $i$ and 70 grid lines along $j$ with $L_1=0.3$ m, $L_2=0.3$ m, $L_3=1.0$ m, $R=0.7$ m, $H_1=0.1$ m, and $H_2=0.5$ m.
Question #2
Grid the following quarter circle with 70 grid lines along $i$ and 90 grid lines along $j$:
with $R_1=1$ m, $R_2=2$ m and $H=0.1$ m. Make sure that the grid is uniformly-spaced along $i$.
Due on Thursday April 6th at 16:30. Do both problems.
Note: please make sure you have the latest assign4.tgz. The one that was on my website prior to March 28th shouldn't be used: use the latest one.
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