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Question by Student 201327132
Dear professor. In design problem 3, Should we consider about cowl length?? If so, how do we obtain cowl length?? I've been thinking for a long time. I can not find the length. Thank you.
The cowl starts where the domain ends. So, there is no need to grid the cowl and there's hence no need to know the cowl length. The important thing is that your waves (either the Mach waves for the Prandtl-Meyer compression fan case or the shock waves for the 3-oblique-shock case) all meet at the same point and such a point is located exactly at the domain exit.
Question by Student 201327132
Professor, I have a question about design. In problem 3, Should we consider about 3 shocks when I generate grid? I made grid that is consider 3shocks. But I think it is not correct grid. If we should consider about 3 shocks, Would you please some hint for me?
Yes, for problem 3, there should be 3 oblique shocks and the pressure ratio across each shock should be the same. You need to design your inlet so that these 3 shocks appear, have all the same pressure ratio, and meet at one point. I am not sure what you don't understand. Can you explain better the problem?
Question by Student 201327132
Thank you professor. I have a problem with some grid. My strategy is attached pircture. To generate oblique shocks, I set the very small value that is length of between (im 1, jm 1) and (im 2, jm2). Likewise (im 3, jm3) and (ie, js). And plot the my strategy(also i attatched picture). I think it is not correct method, but i didnt find better method. Sorry for my lack of explanation.
Your grid has issues. You should make the grid so that the spacing is more or less uniform everywhere. Don't worry about making the grid parallel to the shocks. The shocks can go through the cells at an angle — this is fine. Simply make sure that your bottom wall has the right shape, that the cells are more or less of the same size everywhere (and are not distorted as in your mesh), and the shocks will appear correctly positioned.
Question by Student 201327103
professor, How can I open the post file? I want to know number of properties, like density : 7, but I can't open the post file.
The instructions are in the CFDWARP HOWTO here: ... 6568#p6568
You need to read in the data file with the -i flag and output it to a post file with the -op flag. Also, specify a gnuplot datafile with the -pt gnuplot flag.
Question by Student 201427116
Professor, I am doing Design Problem #2, flow over cylinder. After manipulating some code, I printed out drag coefficient but found some weird drag coefficient. The drag coefficient had negative value. Can I ask you some advice for this negative coefficient? $$ $$ Also, I cannot understand what those xstation[] or Area[dim] in Post() module mean. If I need all of xstation[1], xstation[2], and xstation[3]? or can I just erase it? It will be big pleasure of me to learn more about that. Then I may find out some errors in that Post(). Thank you.
Please attach a picture of the pressure contours around your cylinder. Maybe your flow is not yet at steady-state. Because you are doing the cylinder case, you don't need the xstation. Inside the Post() module, delete the part about the x-station and only keep the line Fpressure[dim]=_Fpressure(... Then, add a bit of code to find the drag coefficient using Fpressure[1] (the pressure force acting on the body along $x$).
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