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Question by Student 201327107
In Assignment3 Question1 (b) $$int main()$${ $$ $$ $$for(row=0;row<N;row++)$${ $$for(row2=row+1;row2<N;row2++)$${ $$assert(A[row2]A[row]!=0.0);$$ $$fact=-A[row]A[row]/A[row2]A[row];$$ In code when $row=0$,$row2=3$, then $A[row2][row]$ is zero. So compile is stop. I think row4,col1 of matrix A that should not be the zero.
No, I asked that you post the solution by hand and show at which step there is a problem (using ).
Question by Student 201327102
Professor, when you taught me about finding convergence of each method, you put $g(y)=\frac{1}{1+y}$ and expand $g(y)$ with TAYLOR SERIES at $y=0$ so you wrote $$g(y)=g(0)+(y-0)g'(y)+\frac{{y}^{2}}{2}g' '(y)+...$$ But according to the original form of TAYLOR SERIES is $$g(y)=g(0)+(y-0)g'(0)+\frac{{y}^{2}}{2}g' '(0)+...$$ Isn't there any wrong in your notation?
Yes, you are right, it should be: $$ g(y)=g(0)+(y-0)g'(0)+\frac{{y}^{2}}{2}g' '(0)+... $$ If I wrote otherwise on the board, then this is a mistake obviously so please change your notes in consequence. This is a good observation, I'll give you 2 points bonus boost.
Question by Student 201527110
Professor, I wonder 'curve fitting and interporation'assignment is due to 'thursday' or 15th. In the assignment page, you announced like Thursday 15th Nov. But 15th is tuesday as you know.
Oops, it's due on Thursday November 17th. Thanks for correcting this. I'll give you 2 points bonus boost.
Question by Student 201527110
Professor, I have a question during studing Cubic Spline boundary conditions. For define $f'_i (x)=α_L$ and $f'_i(x_{i+1})=α_R$, $α_L$ and $α_R$ in here, are user-specified constant. Is taht means it could be any arbitary number? Or do I have to define exact real numbers for that?
Well, user-specified constants are numbers that are specified by you, the user of the code. Of course, such could be any real number you wish to specify..
Question by Student 201527142
Professor, in assignment #6, I found you didn't define n, the number of data points, before writing function f. Is it necessary, isn't it?
Well, the number of data points $N$ can be obtained from the data shown in the tables..
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