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Question by Student 201383227
Sir , I have a doubt in understanding the slip line . Is slip line is like shear layer flow ? . And is it formed to make the flow to balance the pressure between the two shock wave's.
A shear layer is a viscous flow phenomenon. Here we are solving inviscid flow. In inviscid flow, the slip line is the boundary between two flow regions.
The two flow regions have the same pressure and their velocity vectors point in the same direction. However, the temperature, density, and the magnitude of the velocity may differ.
Question by Student 201793107
Hello Sir,
In Assignment 1, Question No.3, I am getting all the values correctly except the maximum attainable velocity by the gas. I am getting, \begin{equation} V_{2,max}=672.185\, m/s \end{equation} instead of $647\,m/s$ as given by you.
I assumed \begin{equation} M_{2}=1 \end{equation}and hence \begin{equation} V_{2,max}=\sqrt{\gamma R T} \end{equation} Sorry if I am wrong for your precious time.
But if $M_2=1$, then $T_2$ will have a different value than the one you computed..
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