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Question by Student 201427132
Dear professor, i ask you that i understand in right way.
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I rewrite my previous question about "Temperature profile sketch".
I am curious that why $\frac{dT}{dx}$ on graph is decreasing between section $L_A$ and section $L_A$+$L_B$ although there is heat generation between section $L_A$ and section $L_A$+$L_B$.
I guess if there is heat generation, temperature goes up. But in the graph, it doesn't. Why this happened?
There is one assumption that heat always go to right side.
Well yes, but I think the answer to this is fairly obvious.. So, I am asking you to think about it a little. You ask why temperature goes down and not up. But if the temperature goes up, where will the heat go? Answer left or right.
I understand temperature should go down, the reason that if temperature goes up, heat would go left side, and it results temperature goes up in section $L_A$, So it does not make sense.
As a result, temperature should go down.
Am i understand in right way?
Yes that's fine! You answered your own question.. I can give you 0.5 point bonus boost.
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