2012 Fluid Mechanics Scores  
In this thread, I will post an update of the scores every week or so.
I finished correcting the final exam — I can see that Question #6 was not your favourite.. You can find your grade on the PIP system. The grading scheme follows the “canadian style”:
A0-A+  Excellent.
B0-B+  Good.
C0-C+  OK.
D0-D+  Hm..
F  Not good enough to go to third year
I hope you are satisfied with your grade and that it is fair to you.. If you feel you deserve more and wish to see your final exam and the scoring scheme, then come see me in my office. Maybe I made a mistake somewhere — this happens sometimes.

The score sheet and the final ranking will be posted on my website next week. I had a good time with you this semester.. Have a nice vacation and have fun!
Scores as of Jan. 3rd.
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