CFDWARP Project: a CFD Code for Plasma & Reactive Flow
CFDWARP is a in-house-developed C code that totals more than 100,000 lines and that is specifically tailored to simulate efficiently plasma and reactive flows. CFDWARP is advantaged over other codes in that it integrates in coupled form the electron and ion transport equations along with the “bulk flow” transport equations using aerodynamic-scale integration steplengths. Such is made possible through a novel detailed plasma model developed recently by our lab that is 100-1000 times more computationally efficient than alternatives. This unique capability of CFDWARP combined with its state-of-the-art flux discretization and integration schemes permits to simulate key plasma flow problems (such as pulse DBD actuators, MHD generators, plasma-assisted combustion, plasma-based fuel reforming, etc) while keeping both the physical error and the numerical error low.